Island Pollinators  


There is a crisis right now on Vancouver Island: about 90% of the honey bees on the island disappeared last winter! We aren't sure why, but the provincial government is making the situation worse by failing to investigate what's happening and allowing people - for the first time in 22 years - to import honey bees from the mainland.

Kudos to Greg Horne for making this documentary! Watch it and you'll know why island bee-keepers swarmed the BC Legislature this fall...and why it is so important that we protect our precious island pollinators.

I also want to acknowledge the resolution adopted at the recent BC Honey Producers' Association AGM:

The BC Honey Producers' Association [shall] send a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands stating that we have lost confidence with the Apiculture Program and are seeking change, with more consultation, to enhance communication and increase the sustainability of beekeeping in British Columbia.

Please take a moment to support my efforts to persuade the Ministry of Agriculture to address this serious situation: click here.

Thank you,

Lana Popham, MLA Saanich South