Question Period, March 13 2012  


In Question Period today I again raised the BC Liberal's failure to act in the interests of cattlemen in the Cariboo.

And a correction. Minister McRae responded to my question in part by saying when I raised this issue earlier I did not direct the question at him. Well he is wrong about that, as the record clearly shows:

L. Popham: So the Forests Minister decided to dodge responsibility for my question. The Premier decided to showboat in the House because she's got an audience. Let's hope that the Minister of Agriculture has an answer for B.C. ranchers and farmers.
For more than a century a creek ran through the lands of Big Creek ranch, until last year, when the creek ran dry. Now the rancher is forced to truck in 1,500 gallons of water a day for his 150 head of cattle. It's not hard to see that the water needs of farmers and ranchers come last with the B.C. Liberals.

Will the Minister of Agriculture stand up for ranchers in B.C. and comply with the Forest Practices Board recommendation to bring a dispute resolution mechanism in place so that ranchers have somewhere to turn when this government abandons them yet again?
Feb. 21 2012, or video clip.