Grow BC, Buy BC & Feed BC  


It was a real pleasure for me to pen the "Guest Column" of the March 2012 issue of "Beef in BC", the monthly publication of the British Columbia Cattlemen's Association

The Association has been around since 1929 and currently counts over 1000 ranchers as members. They raise over 70% of the provincial cattle herd and are a critically important part of food security in the province. 

In my guest column I wrote about the positive vision that New Democrats are proposing for agriculture in general and the beef industry in particular. In my view, this means a renewed focus on the four million eaters in BC. While we need international trade to have a thriving food industry, the best way to approach the international marketplace with confidence is by first building on the reputation of our incredible BC beef in the domestic marketplace, and expanding the market outward from there. As we have seen in the past, borders can be a big impediment to our beef. That's why we need to expand local demand to ensure that ranchers aren't left in the lurch by international policies outside of our control.

You can read the column below or by clicking here.

Best, Lana.