Adrian Dix and the BC NDP Support Organic Farmers  


Dear Organic Farmers, Producers, and Eaters,

The BC New Democrats are committed as a political party to agriculture in BC. But it can only be made a reality because of folks like you who are committed to local agriculture. We want to support what you are doing because we believe in what you are doing.

We believe that a strong and vibrant agricultural sector needs support from the provincial government, support that has been reduced considerably under the Liberals.

Over the past year, we have outlined a number of measures that we believe ought to be central to that effort:
  • Restore the BuyBC program that was proven effective in marketing BC produce.
  • Harness the purchasing power of the Province to ensure that health authorities purchase local fruit and produce to prepare patient and other hospital food.
  • Removal of interprovincial trade barriers that hurt BC's world class wine industry.
In addition, we would restore an organic extension officer to help support organic farming. Elimination of this position by the Liberals left BC as one of only two provinces with no formal support for organic farming. This decision was decried by organic and non organic agriculturalists, a group of BC Agrologists, as well as academics, wholesalers, and retailers.

Our agriculture plan, which we call "Grow BC, Feed BC, Buy BC" includes smart, prudent measures that will help give the sector the support it needs to thrive.

We value your input immensely and hope you will keep in touch with us over any concerns or comments you may have.

Thank-you very much for your time and we wish you the very best for this growing season.

Adrian Dix and Lana Popham