Genetically modified apples grown in BC?  


The BC Minister of Agriculture will not speak out against an application to commercially plant genetically modified apple trees in BC. Here is a clip from Question Period today in the BC Legislature

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Gov't Moving to Keep Farm Disease Outbreaks Secret  


Changes to Animal Health Act, said to protect public, slammed by NDP, privacy commissioner. 
By Andrew MacLeod, Tyee, May 15, 2012

Making information about diseases on British Columbia farms secret will better protect the public, said Agriculture Minister Don McRae.
 The NDP's critic on the file, Lana Popham, said that approach is unfair to consumers and to other farmers.

"We want the producers to make sure they are submitting samples voluntarily," McRae said in a May 10 interview. "We'd hate to have a scenario where farmers are fearful that the data they give government would be used in a way that's out of their control."
 The measures are included in the Animal Health Act, which got second reading in the Legislature on May 2 and is expected to pass by the end of the month.

Farmers may choose to hide disease outbreaks if they believe the information will become public, McRae said. "The reality is we don't want a scenario where farmers are going to take a potentially ill animal, deal with it themselves, and not make sure we have that information for the safety of the general public and the safety of animals in British Columbia."

I'd want to know: Popham
The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act already includes sections that allow the government to keep information secret if its release could harm a businesses interests, said the NDP's Popham.